New version of the CZK 5,000 banknote

The Czech National Bank is to issue a 2023 version of the CZK 5,000 banknote this year. The new version is being put into circulation because of necessary changes to Czech banknote printing technology at the State Printing Office. The new CZK 5,000 note will complement the two existing versions in circulation, which remain legal tender.

The banknote will have the same parameters and security features as the last, 2009 version of the CZK 5,000 note. The only differences will be the year of issue (2023) and the governor’s signature. The differences arising from the different printing technology are not visible to the naked eye.

People will start to come across the new banknotes in circulation this autumn. The CNB will begin to release them depending on the degree of wear and tear of existing banknotes and the need to exchange them. The existing 1999 and 2009 versions of the CZK 5,000 note will remain legal tender.

The CNB Bank Board decided to issue the new version of the banknote at its meeting on 26 January 2023. The CZK 5,000 notes printed using the new technology need to be distinguishable from the original versions so that the central bank can monitor the circulation of banknotes.

The following versions of Czech banknotes will be in circulation from autumn 2023 onwards:

  • CZK 100, 2018 version
  • CZK 200, 2018 version
  • CZK 500, 2009 version
  • CZK 1,000, 2008 version
  • CZK 2,000, 2007 version
  • CZK 5,000, 1999 version, 2009 version, 2023 version.

Petra Krmelová
Director of the Communications Division and CNB Spokesperson