CNB expands schedule of issuance for 2025

The Czech National Bank is expanding its schedule of issuance for 2025 to include two commemorative silver coins devoted to Czech institutions. By contrast, the planned issue of trade coins (ducats) will not take place in 2025. This was approved by the CNB Bank Board.

In 2025, the Czech National Bank will issue two additional coins from the Institutions of the Czech Republic open-ended cycle – two CZK 100 commemorative silver coins, one featuring the Supreme Court, and the other depicting the Office of the President of the Czech Republic.

The planned issuance of trade coins (1, 2, 5 and 10 ducats) to mark the 700th anniversary of the minting of first Czech gold coins by John of Luxembourg will not take place in 2025.

2025 will thus be the last year of the current schedule of issuance for 2021–2025. Besides the two CZK 100 commemorative silver coins, the CNB will issue three CZK 200 commemorative silver coins, the final CZK 500 silver coin from the Famous means of transport series and the last two CZK 5,000 gold coins from the Municipal heritage sites cycle.  

Numismatic material can be purchased from the CNB’s contractual partners. The CNB does not sell numismatic material directly to the public.

The Schedule of issuance for banknotes and coins in 2021–2025 is available on the CNB website (Banknotes and coins > Numismatics)

Petra Krmelová
Director of the Communications Division and CNB Spokesperson