CNB Governor granted Top Secret security clearance

The National Security Authority (NSA) has granted CNB Governor Aleš Michl a personnel security clearance for access to Top Secret classified information. It informed the Governor about this in writing on Friday, 10 March. The NSA procedure for granting the strictest clearance was completed within the standard time limit in accordance with the law.

The CNB Governor, like any other person subject to security clearance, is not entitled to comment on the details of the procedure. According to Aleš Michl, it is important to continue to focus on fulfilling the objectives of the Czech National Bank in line with its mandate.

“Inflation has finally started to decline. The decline will continue in the months ahead,” said CNB Governor Aleš Michl. “We now need three things. First, a strong koruna, as it makes our imports cheaper. Second, we need high interest rates for longer, as that slows lending. Third, the state budget deficit must be reduced, as less money will then circulate in the economy, dampening inflation,” added the CNB Governor.

Petra Krmelová, Director of the Communications Division and CNB Spokesperson