Laws and regulations

Acts and directly binding EU regulations


  • Decree No. 474/2013 Coll. (pdf, 74 kB) on the remuneration of liquidators, forced administrators and insolvency administrators of some service providers on the capital market and on the reimbursement of their cash expenditures
  • Decree No. 425/2012 Coll. (pdf, 436 kB) on Submission of Statements by Pension management companies to the Czech National Bank for Supervisory Purposes (available in Czech only).
  • Decree No. 233/2009 Coll. (pdf, 741 kB) on Applications, Approval of Persons and the Manner of Proving Professional Qualifications, Trustworthiness and Experience of Persons, as amended (comprehensive version)



The above-mentioned legal rules are for information only. The sole authentic wording of legal rules is the version published in the Collection of Laws or in the CNB Bulletin.