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Financial balance sheet1)

2021 AF2021q1 (xlsx, 19 kB) AF2021q2 (xlsx, 19 kB) AF2021q3 (xlsx, 19 kB) AF2021q4 (xlsx, 19 kB)
2020 AF2020q1 (xlsx, 19 kB) AF2020q2 (xlsx, 19 kB) AF2020q3 (xlsx, 19 kB) AF2020q4 (xlsx, 19 kB)
2019 AF2019q1 (xlsx, 17 kB) AF2019q2 (xlsx, 17 kB) AF2019q3 (xlsx, 17 kB) AF2019q4 (xlsx, 12 kB)
2018 AF2018q1 (xlsx, 17 kB) AF2018q2 (xlsx, 12 kB) AF2018q3 (xlsx, 12 kB) AF2018q4 (xlsx, 12 kB)

Financial transactions

2021 F2021q1 (xlsx, 18 kB) F2021q2 (xlsx, 18 kB) F2021q3 (xlsx, 18 kB) F2021q4 (xlsx, 18 kB)
2020 F2020q1 (xlsx, 18 kB) F2020q2 (xlsx, 18 kB) F2020q3 (xlsx, 18 kB) F2020q4 (xlsx, 18 kB)
2019 F2019q1 (xlsx, 16 kB) F2019q2 (xlsx, 16 kB) F2019q3 (xlsx, 16 kB) F2019q4 (xlsx, 16 kB)
2018 F2018q1 (xlsx, 16 kB) F2018q2 (xlsx, 16 kB) F2018q3 (xlsx, 16 kB) F2018q4 (xlsx, 16 kB)

Financial balance sheet, incl. counterparty information

2021 afc2021q1 (xlsx, 16 kB) afc2021q2 (xlsx, 16 kB) afc2021q3 (xlsx, 16 kB) afc2021q4 (xlsx, 16 kB)
2020 afc2020q1 (xlsx, 16 kB) afc2020q2 (xlsx, 16 kB) afc2020q3 (xlsx, 16 kB) afc2020q4 (xlsx, 16 kB)
2019 afc2019q1 (xlsx, 12 kB) afc2019q2 (xlsx, 12 kB) afc2019q3 (xlsx, 12 kB) afc2019q4 (xlsx, 12 kB)
2018 afc2018q1 (xlsx, 12 kB) afc2018q2 (xlsx, 12 kB) afc2018q3 (xlsx, 12 kB) afc2018q4 (xlsx, 12 kB)

Financial transactions, incl. counterparty information

2021 fc2021q1 (xlsx, 16 kB) fc2021q2 (xlsx, 16 kB) fc2021q3 (xlsx, 16 kB) fc2021q4 (xlsx, 16 kB)
2020 fc2020q1 (xlsx, 16 kB) fc2020q2 (xlsx, 16 kB) fc2020q3 (xlsx, 16 kB) fc2020q4 (xlsx, 16 kB)
2019 fc2019q1 (xlsx, 12 kB) fc2019q2 (xlsx, 12 kB) fc2019q3 (xlsx, 12 kB) fc2019q4 (xlsx, 12 kB)
2018 fc2018q1 (xlsx, 12 kB) fc2018q2 (xlsx, 12 kB) fc2018q3 (xlsx, 12 kB) fc2018q4 (xlsx, 12 kB)

Key indicators of financial accounts

Key indicators of financial accounts (xlsx, 26 kB)

ARAD – time series system

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1) The method used to calculate financial instruments AF.512 (unlisted shares) and AF.519 (other equity) was revised simultaneously with the compilation of financial accounts for 2017 Q4. The updated method for compiling the statistics on these financial instruments uses new data sources. The previous calculation of AF.519 using registered capital at nominal value has changed to the calculation of own capital at book value (as in AF.512 and in conformity with ESA 2010). For AF.512, the effect of estimates for small corporations and missing data has been removed. At the same time, the calculation of the division of liabilities among holder sectors has been refined for both instruments.
The value of other equity in the general government sector is affected by a change in the method for reporting the government’s shares in international development banks, where financial assets and liabilities are reduced by the outstanding amount of capital. Only paid-up capital is thus reported. The change implements an ECB recommendation and is in accordance with ESA2010 and the methodology contained in the updated version of Eurostat’s Government Deficit and Debt Manual.