FDI statistic – methodological explanations

The foreign direct investment (FDI) statistics are compiled by the Czech National Bank using the methodologies defined in BPM6 (Balance of Payments Manual Sixth Edition) and OECD BD4 (OECD Benchmark Definition 4th Edition). They form part of the macroeconomic statistics, the purpose of which is to inform users about macroeconomically significant cross-border positions (stocks) and transactions (flows) in groups of entities significantly affiliated through equity (parent enterprises, subsidiaries, associates and affiliates). The main breakdown of the published statistics is based on the country of the foreign investor and the branch of economic activity of the domestic entity for domestic FDI and on the country and branch of economic activity of the foreign subsidiary or associated enterprise for FDI abroad. Given the statutory requirement for statistical data confidentiality, additional details – i.e. the microeconomic decomposition of the statistics (such as the specific entity in the position of direct investor or direct investment enterprise) – cannot be published.

The FDI statistics are compiled using data from CNB questionnaires (Decree No. 235 of 23 July 2013 Coll.), the classifications and breakdowns used in national and international registers, estimates for sub-limit and non-responding entities, corrections of patently incorrect data (such as inconsistencies between data in reports and data in audited financial statements) and checks against mirror statistics of foreign central banks and foreign statistical offices. The quality of the statistics depends primarily on the quality, timeliness and completeness of the input data from the reports obtained from the statistical reporting agents.

The geographical and sectoral breakdowns of the FDI statistics are published annually on the CNB website T+15 months after the end of the period under review, for example in March 2019 for the final flow and stock statistics for 2017 and the preliminary flow statistics for 2018.

Link to FDI data:

Foreign direct investment since reference year 2014 (OBIEE tool)

Any questions about the methodological definitions and structure of the statistics and any comments on specific FDI statistics should be sent to pzi@cnb.cz. The comments will be taken into account in the process of collecting data and processing and presenting the FDI statistics in the future. Note that the above e-mail address is not intended for enquiries as to the economic interpretation of the FDI statistics (such as positive/negative FDI inflows/outflows) or as to forecasts of future trends and developments.