Schedule of issuance for commemorative coins in 2001–2005

The Czech National Bank will issue silver and gold commemorative coins in 2001-2005 in accordance with the schedule approved by the Bank Board on 3 February 2000.

Silver coins

A total of 22 issues of commemorative silver coins are planned for 2001-2005. The coin marking the Czech Republic´s accession to the European Union is scheduled as the fifth issue in 2003, although the actual date of issuance will depend on the date of accession. In addition, a bimetallic commemorative coin of unusual parameters and design is planned to mark the same occasion.

The number of commemorative silver coins minted is limited to 35,000 for each motif (normal and proof quality combined). This means that it will be possible to mint each coin up to that number, depending on customer interest.

Year Date Anniversary Motif Date of issue / expected date of issue
2001 3 June 200th anniversary The birth of František Škroup 
(composer of the Czech national anthem)
30 May 2001
  19 October 100th anniversary The foundation of the Czech Football Union 5 September 2001
  23 October 100th anniversary The birth of Jaroslav Seifert
19 October 2001
  18 December 250th anniversary The death of Kilián Ignác Diezenhofer 
(builder, architect)
21 November 2001
      Introduction of the single European currency, the euro, into circulation 5 December 2001
2002 1 January 750th anniversary The death of St. Zdislava of Lemberk 2 January 2002
  21 February 100th anniversary The death of Emil Holub
20 February 2002
  27 April 550th anniversary George of Poděbrady appointed Governor of the Crown Lands of Bohemia 24 April 2002
  18 November 150th anniversary The birth of Mikoláš Aleš
6 November 2002
2003 17 February 150th anniversary The birth of Jaroslav Vrchlický
5 February 2003
  23 March 150th anniversary The birth of Josef Thomayer
(doctor of medicine, writer)
19 March 2003
  22 June 100th anniversary The first electrified railway from Tábor to Bechyně 
(F. Křižík)
18 June 2003
  21 November 100th anniversary The foundation of the Skiers´ Union in the Kingdom of Bohemia 19 November 2003
2004 January 400th anniversary The death of Jakub Krčín of Jelčany
21 January 2004
  1 May 2004   The accession of the Czech Republic to the EU 28 April 2004
  15 June 250th anniversary Prokop Diviš constructs the lightning conductor 26 May 2004
  3 July 150th anniversary The birth of Leoš Janáček
23 June 2004
  October 425th anniversary The first edition of the Kralická bible
(the first standard of literary Czech language)
20 October 2004
2005 6 February and 19 June 100th anniversary The births of Jan Werich and Jiří Voskovec
2 February 2005
  11 August 100th anniversary The production of the first automobile in Mladá Boleslav 18 May 2005
  2 December 200th anniversary The Battle of Austerlitz
(Battle of the Three Emperors)
16 November 2005
  23 December 450th anniversary The birth of Mikuláš Dačický of Heslov
(poet, politician)
7 December 2005

The dates of issue can be changed according to operational needs. Approved parameters for silver coins

Denomination Weight Metal composition (parts) Diameter
Ag Cu
200 Kč 13.00 g 900 100 31 mm
Gold coins

Ten centuries of architecture

Ten issues of gold coins are planned for 2001-2005, all devoted to the theme of major architectural sites in Bohemia and Moravia. The limit for mintage is 10,000 for each motif (normal and proof quality combined). The denomination of all ten coins will be 2000 Kč.

Year Motif Date of issue (expected)
2001 Romanesque - rotunda in Znojmo 21 March 2001
  Early Gothic - monastery in Vyšší Brod 26 September 2001
2002 High Gothic - fountain in Kutná Hora 20 March 2002
  Renaissance - castle in Litomyšl 25 September 2002
2003 Late Renaissance - house gables in Slavonice 26 March 2003
  Baroque - castle in Buchlovice 24 September 2003
2004 Empire - Kačina Castle  21 April 2004
  Neo-Gothic - Hluboká Castle 8 September 2004
2005 Cubism - spa building in Lázně Bohdaneč 20 April 2005
  Contemporary - Dancing House in Prague September 2005

Approved parameters for gold coins

Denomination Weight Metal composition
2000 Kč 6.222 g 999.9 20 mm

Approved parameters for bimetallic coins

Denomination Weight Coin composition in g Diameter
Au Ag
2500 Kč 31,104 g 7,776 23,328 40 mm

A 2500 Kc bimetallic coin marking the Czech Republic´s accession to the European Union will be issued on 28 April 2004.

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CNB Cash and Payment Systems Department, 21 January 2004