220 Budget and Accounting Department

Marian Mayer

Marian Mayer, Executive Director

  • 221 
    Financial Reporting and Client Services Division
  • 223 
    Accounting Division
  • 224
    Payment Services Methodology Division

Responsible for

  • producing the CNB’s budget and the annual financial report for the Chamber of Deputies of the Czech Parliament
  • carrying on accounting work, including settling invoices
  • producing the ten-day balance sheet and the annual accounts
  • conducting tax implementation at the CNB as a taxpayer and completing tax returns, with the exception of income tax
  • publishing the Schedule of Charges for the Financial and Business Services of the CNB
  • maintaining the accounts of banks and the accounts of employees at CNB headquarters and at the Prague branch
  • organising the activities of the complaints unit of the CNB payment system
  • coordinating state budget activities at the CNB and the statements of funds on Treasury accounts
  • working with the Supreme Audit Office in auditing the financial results of the CNB