CNB leaves the two-week liquidity-providing repo operations in place

The Bank Board of the Czech National Bank has decided to leave the two-week liquidity-providing repo operations in place with no time restriction. The existence of these measures is important for the stability of the domestic financial market and the functioning of the government bond market.

Although these instruments have not been used by banks in recent months, the CNB considers it appropriate to keep these instrument available, given the volatile developments on foreign financial markets,” said CNB Bank Board member Eva Zamrazilová, who oversees the activities of the Financial Markets Department.

The CNB also left unchanged the foreign exchange swaps that are used to provide koruna liquidity against the euro.

The technical parameters of two-week liquidity-providing repo operations remain unchanged.

The CNB reserves the option to adjust the parameters further in response to market developments.


Tomáš Zimmermann
CNB Communications Department