Enter an interactive 3D model of the CZK 100 million gold coin issued to mark 100 years of the koruna. The digital image of the coin was produced by scanning it in high resolution using cutting-edge laser technology for scientific optics. With a mere touch you can rotate the coin or zoom in and explore it down to the tiniest detail!

Fineness: Au 999.9
Weight: 130 kg
Diameter: 535 mm
Thickness: 48 mm
Mintage edge: milled

In the middle of the obverse side of the coin is the logo of the Czech National Bank “ČNB”, which is partly overlapped by a depiction of a 1-koruna stamp dating from 1919. Shields bearing heraldic animals from the large national coat-of-arms can be found in the upper part. The Czech lion is in the middle, with the Moravian eagle to the left and the Silesian eagle to the right. The motif of the reverse side of the 1921 Czechoslovak 50-heller coin, two bundles of grain wrapped in ribbon, is shown below the lower part of the logo. The shields bearing heraldic animals and the bundles of grain are connected from the left and the right with linden leaves to form a circular composition. The denomination and abbreviated monetary unit “100 MILIONŮ Kč” are written in the lower part of the coin field. The outer circle of the coin features the unclosed name of the state “ČESKÁ REPUBLIKA”. The words are separated by asterisks. The mark of Metalor, composed of a triangle with rounded corners, the letters “m” and “p” inside the triangle and the text “ESSAYEUR FONDEUR” outside the triangle, and the mark of Münze Österreich, composed of the logo of the mint and the text “MÜNZE ÖSTERREICH”, can be found near the left-hand lower edge of the coin. The mark of the Czech Mint, in the form of the letters “Č” and “M”, is located near the right-hand lower edge of the coin.

The reverse side of the coin features a stylised monumental Czech heraldic lion bearing a shield with the coat-of-arms of Slovakia. The motif of the reverse side of the 1922 Czechoslovak 1-koruna coin is located below the lion. Written around the outer circle is the text in Czech “100 LET ČESKO-SLOVENSKÉ KORUNY” and the years “1919” and “2019”. The text and the years are separated by asterisks. The surname of the author of the coin, the sculptor Vladimír Oppl, is located on the left below the lion’s paw.

Use the Jubilejní emise 2019 (2019 Anniversary issue) augmented reality app to project the CNB’s CZK 100 million gold coin into any environment on your smartphone or tablet or to take a selfie with it. You can literally take this unique coin home with you!



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