ARAD is a public database, forming part of the Czech National Bank’s information service. The purpose of the database is to create a unified system for presenting time series of aggregated data for individual statistics and financial market areas. Most of these data derive from statistical processing conducted directly by the CNB; some data are taken from external sources, e.g. the Czech Statistical Office (CZSO). Selected CZSO’s statistical data are published here with its permission. The required data can be found in the database using a hierarchical navigation in individual subject areas. The database is regularly supplemented with data from more than 100 data sources.

The ARAD database is divided into two basic blocks containing:

A. Statistical data – this part of the database contains information from monetary and financial statistics, balance of payments statistics, financial market statistics, financial accounts statistics, government finance statistics, general economic statistics, including the data published with the CZSO’s permission

B. Basic indicators of the financial market - this section of the database contains basic information on individual financial market areas involving above all basic quantitative data on the size, financial situation and prudential business of banks, credit unions, insurance companies, investment firms, management companies, collective investment funds, pension management companies and funds operated by pension management companies

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