Česká národní banka


The CNB is the central bank of the Czech Republic
and the supervisor of the Czech financial market.

As an independent institution, the Czech National Bank maintains price stability, supervises the financial system and supports its balanced development, and ensures smooth circulation of money and smooth payments.


Declared FX rates

Cur. Unit 15.11.2018
eur EUR 25.985 CZK
usd USD 22.992 CZK
gbp GBP 29.392 CZK

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Key rates

2W Repo Rate: 1.75%
Discount Rate: 0.75%
Lombard Rate: 2.75%
Reserve Requirement: 2.00%

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October 2018: 2.2%

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CNB current forecast

Annual consumer price inflation:
2019, Q4 2.2%
2020, Q1 2.1%

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Do you know...

that purity is a number expressing the weight content of a precious metal in an object (bar, coin, jewel, etc.) and is usually indicated in thousandths (for example, 750/1,000 indicates an alloy with 75% precious metal content and 999.9/1,000 an alloy with 99.99% precious metal content)? However, purity can also be expressed in other, older or regional units. The most important of these is the carat, which is still used in jewellery (not to be confused with the carat, e.g. the metric carat, as a unit of mass used for gemstones and pearls). An object of theoretically pure content is designated as having 24 carats. Gold of 750/1,000 purity is therefore 18-carat gold, for example. The carat is not a practical unit for gold bars and coins, as it is not sufficiently precise (although a non-whole number, or the gran, which is one-twelfth of a carat, can be used) and the alloy purities used in jewellery do not always match those used for coins.

Distribution of CZK 20 coins featuring the founders of the state ended on 30 October

Distribution of CZK 20 coins featuring the founders of the state ended on 30 October

The CNB ended the exchange of the CZK 20 coins featuring the portraits of the founders of the state on 30 October. This happened at all seven regional offices of the CNB between 2 p.m. and 3 p.m., as the stocks of this issue became exhausted.
CNB: Always demand pre-contract information when exchanging money

CNB: Always demand pre-contract information when exchanging money

In this video, we remind not only foreign visitors of the rules for safe exchange of money.
Czech Money app

Czech Money app

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15 Nov 2018

On a way to neutral interest rates

presentation by Petr Král, Deputy Executive Director of the CNB’s Monetary Department, on the occasion of Czech & Hungary Investor Day in London (pdf, 2 MB)

14 Nov 2018

Chamber of Deputies approves new bureau-de-change rules proposed by CNB

The law should better protect clients from the unfair practices of some bureaux-de-change thanks to a provision preventing the declaration of "VIP rates" and giving clients the opportunity to cancel a transaction within three hours of entering into it.

27 Aug 2018

ESMA to renew prohibition on binary options for a further three months

The European Securities and Markets Authority (ESMA) has agreed to renew the prohibition of the marketing, distribution or sale of binary options to retail clients, in effect since 2 July, from 2 October 2018 for a further three-month period. ESMA has also agreed on the exclusion of a limited number of products from the scope of the measure. (pdf, 149 kB)

15 Nov 2018

Statistics on investment funds

as of 30 September 2018
commentary and data series

14 Nov 2018

CNB balance sheet

as of 10 November 2018

14 Nov 2018

Monetary base of the central bank

as of 31 October 2018

13 Nov 2018

Basic items of the balance of payments

September 2018
commentary and table

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