Česká národní banka


The CNB is the central bank of the Czech Republic
and the supervisor of the Czech financial market.

As an independent institution, the Czech National Bank maintains price stability, supervises the financial system and supports its balanced development, and ensures smooth circulation of money and smooth payments.


Declared FX rates

Cur. Unit 23.06.2017
eur EUR 26.295 CZK
usd USD 23.530 CZK
gbp GBP 29.945 CZK

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Key rates

2W Repo Rate: 0.05%
Discount Rate: 0.05%
Lombard Rate: 0.25%
Reserve Requirement: 2.00%

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May  2017: 2.4%

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CNB current forecast

Annual consumer price inflation:
2018, Q2 2.1%
2018, Q3 2.0%

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Did you know...

that the 2008 version of the CZK 1,000 banknote with new protective elements received the Best New Banknote award for 2008? The award was presented by the International Association of Currency Affairs.

Macroeconomic Consequences of Brexit

Macroeconomic Consequences of Brexit

presentation by Bank Board member Oldřich Dědek for the Metropolitan University Prague (pdf, 487 kB)
Currency Exchange - Ten Golden Rules

Currency Exchange - Ten Golden Rules

Things to know before exchanging money in the Czech Republic.
Czech Money app

Czech Money app

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Exit from the exchange rate commitment


At its extraordinary monetary policy meeting on 6 April 2017, the Bank Board of the Czech National Bank decided to discontinue the use of the exchange rate as an additional instrument for easing the monetary conditions. By taking this step, the CNB returned to the conventional monetary policy regime, in which interest rates are the main instrument. The koruna exchange rate may thus fluctuate in either direction depending on demand and supply. However, the CNB stands ready to use its instruments to mitigate potential excessive exchange rate fluctuations.


23 Jun 2017

Global Economic Outlook

June 2017

20 Jun 2017

Czech rates may not rise if crown keeps gaining

Czech c. banker Marek Mora speaks in an interview with Reuters

19 Jun 2017

Tomsik Says Koruna Rally Curbs Need for Czech Rate Increase

Czech c. banker Vladimír Tomšík speaks in an interview with Bloomberg.

23 Jun 2017

CNB balance sheet

as of 20 June 2017

23 Jun 2017

Administrator’s notification

on the payment of interest

21 Jun 2017

International investment position of the Czech Republic

as of 31 March 2017
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