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T. Holub on economic outlook

Presentation by CNB Bank Board member Tomáš Holub for conference call with Bank of America Merrill Lynch Global Research held on 22 May 2020

Presentation (pdf, 628 kB)

Minutes of the Bank Board Meeting

Minutes of the Bank Board Meeting on 7 May 2020

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A revolution from Karlsruhe

A commentary by Deputy Governor Marek Mora for the Czech daily Hospodářské noviny on the German Constitutional Court’s verdict that the ECB’s bond purchase programme partially conflicts with the German constitution.

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Decline in economic activity in line with the CNB forecast in 2020 Q1

The CNB comments on the GDP figures for 2020 Q1

CNB issues new Balance of Payments Report

CNB issues new Balance of Payments Report, which will be published regularly every year in early June. Report contains information about external economic (im)balances and the level of their sustainability, explains and anticipates pressures affecting the exchange rate, and offers, for example, measures of long-term competitiveness. The current publication has been expanded to include thematic analyses and economic research studies.

Financial Market Inflation Expectations – May

The data obtained in the regular monthly survey of market expectations suggest that the analysts' view on future economic developments is even less optimistic than a month ago. The estimated drop in GDP this year increased further, approaching -8%.
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Annual Report 2019

The CNB has issued its 2019 Annual Report containing information about the central bank's activities and financial performance. The dominant motif of the report is the symbol of the CNB - the statue of the Genius with a Lion, which is also an element of the central bank's new visual style.

Notice about the activities of GCI Financial Ltd.

The CNB wishes to warn the public about the activities of GCI Financial Ltd., offering trading in CFD and forex (FX) investment instruments via the ActTrader trading platform under the trade name Goldstarway. GCI Financial Ltd. has no authorisation to provide investment services or any other financial market services in the Czech Republic, and its activities are not supervised by the CNB.

Global Economic Outlook 5/2020 is out now

The current GEO issue contains a thematic article analysing the fiscal policy measures taken to support world economies. It provides an overview of the approaches of selected countries to supporting their economies and contains an analysis of the reasons for the fiscal stimuli and an assessment of the effectiveness of the current measures. It also warns that high debt may cause a long-lasting problem. As usual, the GEO monthly brings a regular overview of current and expected developments in selected territories.

CNB versus coronavirus

The CNB is taking steps to support an economy hit by the coronavirus epidemic. You will find a comprehensive overview of everything that might interest you in connection with the coronavirus and the CNB at a special website.

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Golden Rules for Bureau-de-Change Clients

  1. Change money only at designated bureaux de change. Before changing money, carefully read all the information given on the exchange rate list.
  2. The terms “purchase and sale of foreign currency” and the corresponding exchange rates, i.e. the information about the direction of the exchange, are given from the bureau de change’s perspective...

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CNB resumes operation of services at its branches

  • On Monday 25 May, the Czech National Bank resumed teller services for the public to the full extent. 
  • It is now possible to exchange damaged banknotes and coins and use other services for the public at the CNB offices in Prague, Brno, Ostrava, České Budějovice, Hradec Králové, Plzeň and Ústí nad Labem.
  • The Czech National Bank is reopening the CNB Archive to the public from Monday 1 June 2020.
  • The Czech National Bank is reopening the People and Money exhibition in Prague and in Brno to the public from Tuesday 2 June 2020