Insurance sector and pension management companies sector

The CNB has been conducting joint stress tests with selected domestic insurance companies (micro-stress tests) once a year since 2011. European stress tests organised by EIOPA are also performed once every two years. Selected domestic insurance companies have been participating in those tests on an individual basis since 2016. The CNB does not carry out its own stress tests in years when the EIOPA stress tests are conducted. However, at its discretion it will supplement the EIOPA scenarios with additional shocks so that the stress scenario takes into account the nature of the economic environment and insurance business in the Czech Republic. The results of the tests are published once a year in June in the Financial Stability Report or in a separate report at the second half of the year, depending on the timetable of the tests.

The CNB has been conducting macro-stress tests of pension management companies (until 2014 pension funds) every year since 2007 and under the current methodology since 2015. The results are published in June in the Financial Stability Report.

Current stress testing methodology:

Stress test results