Publication style for CNB WPs and RPNs

This page is intended mainly for authors of CNB Working Papers and CNB Research and Policy Notes.

Note: The articles published in the CNB’s research publication series went hrough a public review process. For an article to be published in these series, at least one of the authors must be affiliated with the Czech National Bank or the paper must have formed the basis for a so-called “ major seminar”.

The authors may submit articles accepted for publication in the CNB WP and RPN series in either MS-Word or LaTeX format. If using MS-Word format, authors should keep to the standard text and graphics formatting style shown in the papers on the CNB website.

Authors using MS-Word format can use the cnbwp (doc, 68 kB) style.

Authors using LaTeX format must use the cnbwp (zip, 10 kB) style. This archive contains the cnbwp class. Detailed instructions for its installation and use are contained in the manual (pdf, 246 kB)
sample template (zip, 319 kB) is also available for the cnbwp class.

Printer calibration files (zip, 26 kB) can be used for precise printing.

For user convenience, further documentation (zip, 909 kB) is available for software that can be used with the cnbwp class application. This download contains the BibTex system manual, manuals for the bibentry, dcolumn, graphics (graphicx), natbib and rotating packages, and a guide to the array and tabular environments.