Research projects

Economic research at the CNB is coordinated by means of project management. This was introduced in order to systematically focus the CNB's research and analytical capacity on priority issues for the central bank and to implement research projects with experts from the CNB's specialised sections, including the Economic Research Division (ERD), or with external workers best qualified to implement each particular project. The ERD coordinates the process of defining priorities, the submission and approval of projects, project implementation, interim seminars, refereeing and the publication of research papers.

The research projects coordinated by the ERD are focused on the following areas: monetary policy, macroeconomic modelling, financial stability, the real sector and fiscal policy . The number of projects is quite evenly distributed across each area. In implementing the research projects, the ERD works in partnership with a group of internal and external co-authors. The project outputs have helped the CNB to create two series of research papers comparable with those issued by the central banks of other countries.