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Kamil Galuščák

Advisor to the Board
Fields:  institutional economics,
labour economics,
monetary economics
Education: Ph.D. (economics), CERGE-EI, 2002
Phone: +420 224 414 580

Recent CNB Publications

Selected Publications in Refereed Journals

  • Labor Market Flows and Stocks over the Business Cycle: The Role of the Participation Margin. Eastern European Economics, 2021, 59(5), 449-471 (with Jan Šolc and Pawel Strzelecki).
  • Tax-Benefit Systems and Differences in Aggregate Labour Force Participation: Comparative Evidence from the Czech Republic and Hungary. Economic Systems, 2019, 43 (3-4) (with Gábor Kátay).
  • Sensitivity of Czech Households to an Interest Rate and Income Shock. Application on Microdata. Politická ekonomie, 2018, 66(5), 531–549 (with Simona Malovaná and Michal Hlaváček)
  • Mechanisms of the State Dependence of Wage Setting: Evidence from a Survey of Czech Firms. Eastern European Economics, 2017, 55, 342–356 (with Jan Babecký and Diana Žigraiová)
  • Household Resilience to Adverse Macroeconomic Shocks: Evidence from Czech Microdata, International Review of Applied Economics, 2016, 30(3), 377–402 (with Petr Hlaváč and Petr Jakubík)
  • Changes in the Czech Wage Structure: Does Immigration Matter?, Czech Journal of Economics and Finance, 2013, 63(2), 108-128 (with Kamil Dybczak)
  • Taxes and Benefits: Work Incentive Effects of Policies, Czech Journal of Economics and Finance, 2012, 62(1), 27-43 (with Jan Pavel)
  • The determination of wages of newly hired employees: Survey evidence on internal versus external factors, Labour Economics, 2012, 19(5), 802-812 (with Mary Keeney, Daphne Nicolitsas, Frank Smets, Pawel Strzelecki and Matija Vodopivec)
  • Wage Rigidities and Labor Market Adjustment in Europe, Journal of the European Economic Association, 2010, 8(2-3), 497-505 (with Silvia Fabiani, Claudia Kwapil, Ana Lamo and Tairi Rõõm)

Other Publications

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