Turnovers on the money market in the week of 18 – 22 January 2021

The survey on the daily average turnovers on the money market is carried out by the Czech National Bank regularly four times a year – always in January, April, July and October.

As compared to October figures the daily average turnover of deposit operations increased from CZK 32 bln. to CZK 63 bln. that was driven mainly by rise (by 120 percent) in trades with non-residents. Their share on the total volume reached 96 percent. In terms of maturity, the most significant were those with the maturity between 1W and 1M comprising 61 percent share of the total turnover. The volume of repo operations decreased by 22 percent and their share on the total turnover reached 25 percent.

The turnover of derivative transactions IRS (Interest Rate Swap) doubled in comparison to October figures due to increase in trades with nonresidents and their share on the total volume reached to 85 percent. The FRAs (Forward Rate Agreement) turnover increased by 170 percent also mainly due to rise in non-residential trades.