Information of the Czech National Bank on a change in the structure of the CNB ten-day balance sheet as from 1 January 2009

As from January 2009, the Czech National Bank has made minor changes to the structure of its ten-day balance sheet, which is published in compliance with Act No. 6/1993 Coll., on the CNB (Article 48(5)). The new structure corresponds more closely to the breakdown and reporting details of the CNB’s financial statements and also to the content of the data published within the Eurosystem. The most important change consists in an extension of the largest asset and liability items, i.e. receivables from abroad and liabilities to domestic banks.

The balance sheet will be published on dates notified in advance and solely in CZK millions. The balance sheet structure will thus better show the fulfilment of the CNB’s statutory obligations, particularly its issuing activity, monetary policy and services for the state.

Pavlína Bolfová
CNB spokesperson