Changes in liquidity-providing repo operations as from 18 May 2020

The liquidity-providing repo operations in which the CNB provides financial institutions with liquidity secured by government bonds, T-bills or CNB bills are to change as from Monday 18 May 2020.

For banks, foreign bank branches and credit unions, the maturity of these repo operations will be extended to include three months and the range of eligible collateral will be broadened to include mortgage bonds. 

Insurance companies, pension management companies and management companies licensed by the CNB will also now be able to obtain liquidity through liquidity-providing repo operations with the CNB.

The new parameters of the liquidity-providing operations are described under “Money market information” in the “Financial markets” section. Related Q&As on liquidity-providing repo operations are available in the “Frequently asked questions” section.

Markéta Fišerová
Director of the Communications Division and CNB Spokesperson