Bank Board meeting on financial stability

Financial Stability Report – Autumn 2023, decision on setting macroprudential policy tools

Announcement of the decision: 3.45 p.m.

Press conference: 3.45 p.m.

The Bank Board usually discusses financial stability issues four times a year. The Bank Board discusses the Financial Stability Report (the spring and autumn issues) at two meetings. These two meetings include the Bank Board’s decision on setting a wider range of macroprudential policy tools. The Bank Board’s decision on financial stability issues is published straight after the meeting, and a press conference is held. During the press conference, the reasons for the Bank Board’s decision are explained, and a detailed description of the parameters of this decision is given. The press conference presentation is then published on the CNB website. The CNB also publishes audio and video recordings of the press conference on its website about an hour after it has ended. The minutes of the meeting on financial stability, reflecting discussions by Bank Board members, are usually published two weeks later.