560 Financial Regulation and International Cooperation Department

Vojtěch Belling

Vojtěch Belling, Executive Director

Martin Vojta, Deputy Executive Director

  • 561
    Financial Market Regulation Division
    Pavel Vacek, Director
  • 562
    International Cooperation on Financial Market Division
    Ivan Zahrádka, Director
  • 564
    EU and International Organisations Division
    Jan Král, Director
  • 565
    Payments Regulation and Financial Innovations Division
    Michal Vodrážka, Director

Responsible for

  • proposing the strategy and principles for financial market regulation and supervision in the sectors entrusted to it
  • working with the Ministry of Finance and other central authorities on preparing legislation in the area of financial market supervision
  • interpreting regulatory rules in the area of regulation of financial market entities
  • preparing draft decrees, provisions of a general nature and official information documents in the area of financial market regulation and reporting for the financial market, and consulting such materials with market participants
  • monitoring developments in European law in the financial market regulation area and preparing opinions on proposed amendments
  • drawing up opinions on selected legal regulations affecting financial market regulation and supervision
  • working in active cooperation with European supervisory authorities and coordinating international cooperation in the area of financial market supervision
  • co-deciding on the implementation of the guidelines and recommendations of European supervisory authorities
  • preparing memoranda of understanding with foreign supervisory authorities
  • preparing the Financial Market Supervision Report and providing aggregate information on financial market sectors
  • coordinating the CNB’s relations with the EU and its bodies and institutions, including the General Council of the ECB, in cooperation with other Departments of CNB the CNB’s institutional preparations for introducing the euro and joining the Eurosystem
  • coordinating the CNB’s relations with international economic and financial institutions in the areas of competence of the CNB and preparing positions of the Czech Republic with regard to the IMF and its work
  • preparing the CNB’s meetings with missions of the EU, the IMF, international organisations and rating agencies
  • representing the CNB at meetings of the EU Committee at working level and of selected working bodies of the EU (in particular SC IMF, PAN II) and the ESCB (IRC, MIPC)
  • oversight of payment and settlement system operators, payment service providers and electronic money issuers, supervision of operators of payment systems with settlement finality having their registered offices in the Czech Republic, and conducting administrative proceedings on the granting of licences to operate a payment system with settlement finality
  • monitoring developments in the area of financial market innovation, including cryptoassets and distributed database technology