Human Resources Department

Helena Dybová

Helena Dybová, Executive Director

Responsible for

  • elaborating the methodology for setting unified procedures for labour-law administration and staff appraisals
  • concluding contracts and performing other legal actions in respect of employees in the labour-law area
  • systematically seeking, selecting and recruiting employees for the CNB
  • comprehensively processing documents for entering wages and relating payments and contributions in the CNB’s accounts
  • conducting wage and health insurance administration for CNB employees
  • ensuring compliance with the employer’s statutory duties to the Czech Social Security Administration, health insurance companies, the local labour office, labour inspectorates and the bodies of the Financial Administration of the Czech Republic relating to employment income tax, including representing the CNB before those authorities,
  • setting the principles for professional development and the forms and programmes of CNB staff training
  • organising systematic staff training
  • setting the principles for social policy and implementing that policy,
  • proposing limits for collective bargaining and organising collective bargaining