Česká národní banka

Technical assistance provided by the Czech National Bank


Dear colleagues,

In 2002 the CNB organised its first seminar as part of technical assistance provided to central banks in other countries. We believed that
the exchange of knowledge and practical experience related to the process
of transformation, becoming an EU member and integration into European structures might be useful and interesting to colleagues from other central banks. The activities of the Czech National Bank have become beneficial and valuable for quite a number of colleagues. The interest in co-operation among central banks has inspired us to continue with the technical assistance programme.

It is with great pleasure that I present you with a catalogue containing details
of the seminars prepared by the Czech National Bank for 2017.
The topics offered cover the issues most requested over the last few years. Some titles are similar to last year (although with some changes in content motivated by past evaluations and new priorities for central banks),
while others cover new proposed topics.

I sincerely hope that you will find the programme of seminars interesting.
In addition, the Czech National Bank is prepared to give advice on particular subjects and to welcome a group of your experts for a single brief visit
on a tailor-made basis. Please do not hesitate to contact us if you should feel a need for any expertise we can provide.

We look forward to meeting colleagues from other central banks at our events at the Czech National Bank in 2017.

Mr Vilém Čermák
Acting Executive Director
Human Resources Department