902 - Statistics at the CNB

25–27 March 2019


The seminar is designed to present the current statistical framework at the CNB, including its experience in producing statistics during the economic transition period and harmonisation with the European Central Bank. The seminar will cover all the main statistical areas, i.e. monetary and financial statistics, supervisory statistics, balance of payments statistics, financial accounts statistics, government finance statistics and general economic statistics, as well as statistical data processing, reporting and dissemination.

Participants are invited to make an active contribution by briefly describing the basic statistical framework in their countries.

Target group

The course is designed for statistical staff in central banks.


  • Statistics at the CNB
  • Monetary and financial statistics
  • Supervisory statistics
  • Balance of payments statistics
  • Financial accounts statistics
  • Government finance statistics and general economic statistics
  • Data processing, reporting and dissemination
Length 3 days
Language English
Number of participants 1–2 from each country
Application deadline 31 December 2018