901 - Cash Circulation Management in the Czech Republic

11–13 March 2019


This seminar aims to present the CNB’s approach to tasks connected with cash circulation management in the Czech Republic and to share experience and knowledge in this area (e.g. issuance of banknotes and coins, cash handling, storage, processing and distribution, and the fight against counterfeiting).

Participants are invited to make an active contribution by briefly describing the situation in their countries.

Target group

The course is designed for senior specialists in issuance and cash operations.


  • Role of the CNB
  • Legislation and cash cycle in the Czech Republic
  • Production and delivery of banknotes and coins
  • Clients of the CNB and the cash distribution scheme
  • Cash processing and storage
  • Counterfeiting issues
  • Statistics
  • Security
  • Workshop of participating central banks
  • A visit to the Cash Operations Department of a CNB branch
Length 3 days
Language English
Number of participants 1–2 from each country
Application deadline 31 December 2018