805 - Selected Issues of Central Bank Governance

24 – 26 October 2018


During this three-day seminar we will discuss the topics central banks deal with in exercising and developing good governance. 

Presentations on the respective topics will be followed by discussions. Participants are expected to make active contributions during the seminar by describing the situation at their central bank as well as delivering co-presentations. 

Target group

The seminar is intended for central bank managers in middle management level positions, advisers and other senior experts dealing with corporate governance issues.


    • Institutional and legal framework for central bank functioning
    • Central bank independence and accountability
    • Organisation, management and control system, decision making
    • Planning process
    • Risk management function
    • Compliance function
    • Internal audit function
    • External and internal communication policy


Length 3 days
Language English
Number of participants 1 – 2 from each country
Application deadline end of June 2018