System Introduction

The database of ARAD time series, which are compiled by the Czech National Bank, offers the most comprehensive overview of current and historical statistical data and financial market data. These two basic areas are initially broken down by the source of data, which are individual types of statistics for statistical data and individual areas of the financial market for basic financial market indicators, and are branched further by subject-matter. There is at least one, but usually more time series arrays at the end of each branch, consisting in some cases of one, but usually more indicators. The database is built on data sources (source tables). Each data source (source table) has an administrator responsible for the data contained in it and the methodology used to process it, prepared by the administrator with respect to the data source (source table). The administrators use these data sources (source tables) to compile time series arrays, which enable the general public to use this source of information to obtain a comprehensive overview of banking statistics in particular, but also of the other areas of the Czech economy and individual financial market sectors.

See the documentation for more information.

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