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2015=100, annual data

Ind. Number Název ukazetele
1 * Price index of market services
2 H49 Land transport services and transport services via pipelines
3 H50 Water transport services
4 H52 Warehousing and support services for transportation
5 H53 Postal and courier services
6 J58 Publishing services
7 J61 Telecommunications services
8 J62 Computer programming, consultancy and related services
9 J63 Information services
10 K64 Financial services, except insurance and pension funding
11 K65 Insurance, reinsurance and pension funding services, except compulsory social security
12 L68 Real estate services
13 L6820121 Commercial property rent - office
14 L6820122 Commercial property rent - retail
15 L6820123 Commercial property rent - industrial
16 M69 Legal and accounting services
17 M70 Services of head offices, management consulting services
18 M71 Architectural and engineering services; technical testing and analysis services
19 M73 Advertising and market research services
20 M74 Other professional, scientific and technical services
21 N77 Rental and leasing services
22 N78 Employment services
23 N80 Security and investigation services
24 N81 Services to buildings and landscape
25 N82 Office administrative, office support and other business support services

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