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3b_general government debt ? consolidating elements (S.13)

Ind. Number Název ukazetele
1 Government debt (non-consolidated between sub-sectors)
2 Consolidating elements
3 Currency and deposits
4 Short-term securities
5 Long-term securities
6 Loans
7 Issued by central government (consolidated)
8 held by state government
9 held by local government
10 held by social security funds
11 Issued by state government (consolidated)
12 held by central government
13 held by local government
14 held by social security funds
15 Issued by local government (consolidated)
16 held by central government
17 held by state government
18 held by social security funds
19 Issued by social security funds (consolidated)
20 held by central government
21 held by state government
22 held by local government
23 Holdings by central government of debt issued by central government
24 Holdings by state government of debt issued by state government
25 Holdings by local government of debt issued by local government
26 Holdings by social security funds of debt issued by social security funds

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