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3a_general government debt and its structure (S.13)

Ind. Number Název ukazetele
1 Government debt (consolidated)
2 Currency and deposits
3 Short-term debt securities
4 Long-term debt securities
5 Short-term loans
6 Long-term loans
7 Held by residents of the Member State
8 Central Bank
9 Other monetary financial institutions
10 Other financial institutions
11 Other residents
12 Held by non-residents of the Member State
13 held by non-residents inside the euro area
14 held by non-residents outside the euro area
15 Denominated in national currency
16 Denominated in currencies of euro area Member States
17 Denominated in other currencies
18 Short-term debt
19 Long-term debt
20 of which: variable interest rate
21 Residual maturity up to one year
22 Residual maturity over one and up to five years
23 of which: variable interest rate
24 Residual maturity over five years
25 of which: variable interest rate
26 Average residual maturity of debt
27 Government debt - zero-coupon bonds (redemption value)1
28 Government debt - loans granted by central bank
29 Government debt with residual maturity over 1 year
30 Trade credits and advances (consolidated)

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