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1a_general government revenue and expenditure (S.13)

Ind. Number Název ukazetele
1 Deficit (-) or surplus (+)
2 Central government (S1311)
3 State Government (S1312)
4 Local government (S1313)
5 Social security funds (S1314)
6 Total revenue
7 Total current revenue
8 Current taxes on income, wealth, etc.
9 Taxes on production and imports
10 Taxes on products
11 of which: value added tax (VAT)
12 Other taxes on production
13 Net social contributions
14 of which: employers' actual social contributions
15 of which: households' actual social contributions
16 Sales
17 Market output and output for own final use
18 Payments for non-market output
19 Other current revenue
20 Subsidies on production receivable
21 Other current transfers receivable
22 Property income receivable
23 of which: interest receivable
24 Total capital revenue
25 of which: capital taxes
26 Total expenditure
27 Total current expenditure
28 Intermediate consumption
29 Compensation of employees
30 of which: wages and salaries
31 Interest payable
32 Subsidies payable
33 Subsidies on products payable
34 Other subsidies on production payable
35 Social benefits other than social transfers in kind
36 of which: old age pensions and survivors' pensions (COFOG 10.2.0 + COFOG 10.3.0)1
37 of which: unemployment benefits (COFOG 10.5.0)2
38 Social transfers in kind - purchased market production
39 Other current expenditure
40 Other taxes on production
41 Other property income payable
42 Current taxes on income, wealth, etc., payable
43 Other current transfers payable
44 Adjustment for the change in pension entitlements
45 Total capital expenditure
46 Gross fixed capital formation
47 Other net acquisitions of non-financial assets and changes in inventories
48 Changes in inventories and acquisitions less disposals of valuables
49 Acquisitions less disposals of non-financial non-produced assets
50 Capital transfers payable
51 of which: investment grants payable
52 Capital transfers representing taxes and social contributions assessed but unlikely to be collected
53 D5 payable by corporations (S.11+S.12)
54 D.5 payable by households (S.14+S.15)
55 D.2 taxes on energy incl. Tax on renewable energy
56 D.121 employers actual social contributions
57 Current transfers
58 Gross savings
59 Universal mobile telecommunications systems (UMTS) proceeds
60 Actual social contributions
61 Social benefits other than social transfers in kind
62 Primary deficit

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