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Liabilities, main items, CZK

Ind. Number Název ukazetele
1 Total liabilities, CZK
2 Received deposits and loans, CZK
3 Deposits and loans received from central banks, CZK
4 Deposits and loans received from other credit institutions, CZK
5 Deposits and loans received from clients, CZK
6 Non-marketable debt securities issued, CZK
7 Other debt securities issued, CZK
8 Capital and reserves, CZK
9 of which: Provisions, CZK
10 of which: Share capital, CZK
11 of which: Profit(+)/loss(-) for previous year, CZK
12 of which: Profit(+)/loss(-) for the current period, CZK
13 Other on-balance sheet liabilities, CZK
14 of which: Negative fair value of derivatives, CZK

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