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ECB Balance Sheet of MFI (consolidated, T1)

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57207 Table A32: Consolidated balance sheet of the Czech MFIs (including the CNB) - liabilities (levels)
57208 Table A41: Monetary aggregates and counterparts - monetary aggregates (levels)
17102 Table 5: Sector breakdown of components of M3
1245 Table A51: MFI loans, breakdown - loans to non-monetary financial corp. and to government (levels)
40683 Table 3: Key monetary indicators
1570 Table 6: Loans to private sector
40670 Table A81: Main MFI claims on and liabilities to non-residents from the euro area - levels
40681 Table A31: Consolidated balance sheet of the Czech MFIs (including the CNB) - assets (levels)
1247 A71. Deposits by non-monetary financial corporations and by government - stocks
57225 Table 4: Monetary aggregates - Components of M3
57228 Table 9: Balance sheets of MFIs by reporting institutions - Consolidated balance sheet of MFIs
1539 Household indebtedness - banks and credit unions (CZK mil)
45930 Table A54: MFI loans, breakdowns - loans to non-financial sectors other than government (stocks)
41191 Other depository corporations survey
40677 Table A44: Monetary aggregates and counterparts - main counterparts of M3 (levels)
60825 Table 4: Monetary aggregates - Counteparts of M3 - Outstanding amounts, Transactions
1133 A74. Deposits by non-financial sectors other than government - stocks

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