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Select report indicators
  • Ind. Number Indicator name
    1 Adjustment between financial and non-financial accounts
    2 Net financial transactions (consolidated)
    3 Financial assets (consolidated)
    4    Monetary gold and special drawing rights (SDRs)
    5    Currency and deposits
    6    Debt securities
    7    Short-term loans
    8    Long-term loans
    9    Equity and investment fund shares or units
    10         Privatisations (net)
    11         Equity injections (net)
    12         Other
    13    Insurance, pension and standardised guarantee schemes
    14    Financial derivatives and employee stock options
    15    Other accounts receivable
    16        of which: taxes and social contributions
    17          Taxes
    18          Social contributions
    19 Liabilities (consolidated)
    20    Monetary gold and SDRs
    21    Currency and deposits
    22    Short-term debt securities
    23    Long-term debt securities
    24    Short-term loans
    25    Long-term loans
    26    Equity and investment fund shares or units
    27    Insurance, pension and standardised guarantee schemes
    28    Financial derivatives and employee stock options
    29    Other accounts payable
    30       of which: Taxes2)
    31       of which: Social contributions2)
    32 General Government Borrowing Requirement
    33       of which: long-term
    34    Denominated in national currency
    35    Denominated in currencies of euro area Member States
    36    Denominated in other currencies
    37 Other flows in government debt
    38 Revaluation effects
    39    Appreciation and depreciation of foreign- currency debt
    40    Other revaluation effects (differences compared to face value)
    41       Issuance and redemption above and below nominal value
    42      Difference between interest accrued and paid
    43 Other changes in volume
    44    Changes in sector classification
    45    Other volume changes in financial liabilities
    46    Other statistical discrepancy
    47 Change in government debt (consolidated)
    48 Net incurrence of loans granted by central bank
    49 Net transactions in other accounts receivable/payable related to the EU budget(1)
    50 Difference between deliveries and corresponding cash payment related to military equipment expenditure (m)

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