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  • Ind. Number Indicator name
    1 Revenue of the European Union (EU) budget and of the European Development Fund (EDF) from the Member State
    2    Taxes on production and imports
    3    Current international co-operation
    4    Miscellaneous current transfers and EU own resources
    5       of which: VAT-based third own resource
    6       of which: gross national income-based fourth own resource
    7          of which: UK rebate
    8    Capital transfers
    9 Expenditure of the EU budget in the Member State
    10    Subsidies
    11    Current transfers to government
    12    Current transfers to non-government units
    13    Capital transfers to government
    14    Capital transfers to non-government units
    15    Own resources collection costs
    16 Balance of Member State vis-a-vis the EU budget and the EDF (net receiver+/payer-)
    17 Member State net revenue from pre-acceding programmes
    18 Net revenue from pre-acceding programmes paid to government
    19 Contributions to the Single Resolution Board/Single Resolution Fund (SRB/SRF)
    20 Capital transfers from the SRB/SRF
    21     of which to financial entities in general government

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