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  • Ind. Number Indicator name
    1 Residents - credits and receivables total
    2 bank overdrafts and debit balances on current accounts celkem
    3 receivables from payment cards total
    4 consumer credit (excl. bank overdrafts and receivables from payment cards) total
    5 lending for house purchase total
    6 of which:mortgage loans for residential property total
    7             standard credit from construction savings total
    8             bridging credit from construction savings total
    9               consumer credit on real estate total
    10 mortgage loans for non-residential property total
    11 othet lending total
    12 of which: investment
    13           current assets, seasonal costs, export, import total
    14           for temporary shortage of funds total
    15           other lending (financial and specific purpose) total
    16           for trade receivables total
    17           for purchase of securities total
    18           repo transactions total

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