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Selected Journal Publications by CNB Staff in 2014

  • Babecký, J. and Havránek, T. (2014): Structural Reforms and Growth in Transition: A Meta-Analysis. Economics of Transition, 22(1), 13–42.
  • Babecký, J., Havránek, T., Matějů, J., Rusnák, M., Šmídková, K. and Vašíček, B. (2014): Banking, Debt, and Currency Crises in Developed Countries: Stylized Facts and Early Warning Indicators. Journal of Financial Stability, 15, 1–17.
  • Baxa, J., Horváth, R. and Vašíček, B. (2014): How Does Monetary Policy Change? Evidence on Inflation Targeting Countries. Macroeconomic Dynamics, 18(3), 593–630.
  • Claeys, P. and Vašíček, B. (2014): Measuring Bilateral Spillover and Testing Contagion on Sovereign Bond Markets in Europe. Journal of Banking and Finance, 46(C), 151–165.
  • Clerc, L., Nikolov, K., Derviz, A., Stracca, L., Mendicino, C., Suarez, J., Moyen, S. and Vardoulakis, A. (2014) : Macroprudential Capital Tools: Assessing Their Rationale and Effectiveness. Financial Stability Review, Banque de France, 18(April), 183–194.
  • Derviz, A. (2014) Collateral Composition, Diversification Risk, and Systemically Important Merchant Banks. Journal of Financial Stability, forthcoming.
  • Feldkircher, M., Horváth, R. and Rusnák, M. (2014): Exchange Market Pressures during the Financial Crisis: A Bayesian Model Averaging Evidence. Journal of International Money and Finance, 40(C), 21–41.
  • Frait, J. and Tomšík, V. (2014): Impact and Implementation Challenges of the Basel Framework for Emerging, Developing and Small Economies. Comparative Economic Studies, forthcoming.
  • Franta, M., Baruník, J., Horváth, R. and Šmídková, K. (2014): Are Bayesian Fan Charts Useful? The Effect of Zero Lower Bound and Evaluation of Financial Stability Stress Tests. International Journal of Central Banking, 10(1), 159–197.
  • Franta, M., Horváth, R. and Rusnák, M. (2014): Evaluating the Changes of the Monetary Transmission Mechanism in the Czech Republic. Empirical Economics, 46(3), 827–842.
  • Geršl, A. and Brechler, J. (2014): Political Legislation Cycle in the Czech Republic. Constitutional Political Economy, 25(2), 137–153.
  • Geršl, A. and Jašová, M. (2014): Measures to Tame Credit Growth: Are They Effective? Economic Systems, 38(1), 7–25.
  • Geršl, A., Jašová, M. and Zápal, J. (2014): Fiscal Councils and Economic Volatility. Czech Journal of Economics and Finance, 64(3), 190–212.
  • Geršl, A. and Lešanovská, J. (2014): Explaining the Czech Interbank Market Risk Premium. Economic Systems, forthcoming.
  • Hainz, C., Horváth, R. And Hlaváček, M. (2014): The Interest Rate Spreads in the Czech Republic: Different Loans, Different Determinants? Economic Systems, 38(1), 43–54.
  • Havránek, T. (2014): Measuring Intertemporal Substitution: The Importance of Method Choices and Selective Reporting. Journal of the European Economic Association, forthcoming.
  • Havránek, T. and Sedlaříková, J. (2014): A Meta-Analysis of the Income Elasticity of Money Demand (in Czech). Politická ekonomie, 2014(3), 366–382.
  • Horváth, R, Rusnák, M., Šmídková, K and Zápal, J. (2014): The Dissent Voting Behaviour of Central Bankers: What Do We Really Know? Applied Economics, 46(4), 450–461.
  • Horváth, R., Weill, L. and Seidler, J. (2014): Bank Capital and Liquidity Creation: Granger Causality Evidence. Journal of Financial Services Research, 45(3), 341–361.
  • Lízal, L. and Tashpulatov, S. N. (2014): Do Producers Apply a Capacity Cutting Strategy to Increase Prices? The Case of the England and Wales Electricity Market. Energy Economics, 43(C), 114–124.
  • Mandel, M. and Tomšík, V. (2014): Monetary Policy Efficiency in Conditions of Excess Liquidity Withdrawal. Prague Economic Papers, 2014(1), 3–23.
  • Skořepa, M. and Seidler, J. (2014): An Additional Capital Requirement Based on the Domestic Systemic Importance of a Bank. Journal of Economic Sciences, forthcoming.
  • Zamrazilová, E. (2014): Monetary Policy: Short-Term Stabilization versus Long-Term Risks (in Czech). Politická ekonomie, 2014(1), 3–31.