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Selected Journal Publications by CNB Staff in 2012

  • Adam, T. and Benecká, S. (2012): Time-Varying Betas of Banking Sectors. Czech Journal of Economics and Finance, 62(6), 485–504.
  • Babecká Kucharčuková, O., Babecký, J. and Raiser, M. (2012): Gravity Approach for Modelling International Trade in South-Eastern Europe and the Commonwealth of Independent States: The Role of Geography, Policy and Institutions. Open Economies Review, 23(2), 277–301.
  • Babecký, J., Bulíř, A. and Šmídková, K. (2012): Sustainable Real Exchange Rates in the New EU Member States: What Did the Great Recession Change? Czech Journal of Economics and Finance, 62(3), 226–251.
  • Babecký, J., Du Caju, P., Kosma, T., Lawless, M., Messina, J. and Rõõm, T. (2012): How do European Firms Adjust their Labour Costs when Nominal Wages are Rigid? Labour Economics, 19(5), 732–801.
  • Böhm, J., Filáček, J., Kubicová, I. and Zamazalová, R. (2012): Price-Level Targeting – A Real Alternative to Inflation Targeting? Czech Journal of Economics and Finance, 62(1), 2–2 6.
  • Böhm, J., Král, P. and Saxa, B. (2012): Czech National Bank’s Monetary Policy in the Media. European Journal of Political Economy, 28(3), 341–357.
  • Brázdik, F., Hlaváček, M. and Maršál, M. (2012): Survey of Research on Financial Sector Modeling Within DSGE Models: What Central Banks Can Learn From It. Czech Journal of Economics and Finance, 62(3), 252–277.
  • Derviz, A. and Raková, M. (2012): Parent Influence on Loan Pricing by Czech Banks. Prague Economic Papers, 4/2012, 434–449.
  • Domadenik, P., Lízal, L. and Pahor, M. (2012): The Effect of Enterprise Break-Ups on Performance. The Case of the Former Yugoslav Republic of Macedonia. Revue économique, 63(5), 849–866.
  • Filáček, J. and Saxa, B. (2012): Central Bank Forecasts as a Coordination Device: Evidence from the Czech Republic, Czech Economic Review, 6(3), 244–264.
  • Galuščák, K., Keeney, M., Nicolitsas, D., Smets, F., Strzelecki, P. and Vodopivec, M. (2012): The Determination of Wages of Newly Hired Employees: Survey Evidence on Internal versus External Factors.Labour Economics, 19(5), 802–812.
  • Galuščák, K. and Pavel, J. (2012): Taxes and Benefits: Work Incentive Effects of Policies. Czech Journal of Economics and Finance, 62(1), 27–43.
  • Geršl, A. and Jakubík, P. (2012): How Important Is the Adverse Feedback Loop for the Banking Sector? Ekonomický časopis/Journal of Economics, 60(1), 32–49.
  • Geršl, A. and Seidler, J. (2012): How to Improve Quality of Stress Tests through Backtesting, Czech Journal of Economics and Finance, 62(4), 325–346.
  • Hampl, M. (2012): European Monetary Integration and a Position of its Former Hegemon (in Czech). Politická ekonomie, 2012(6), 707–722.
  • Havránek, T., Horváth, R. and Matějů, J. (2012): Monetary Transmission and the Financial Sector in the Czech Republic. Economic Change and Restructuring, 45(3), 135–155.
  • Havránek, T., Iršová, Z. and Janda, K. (2012): Demand for Gasoline is More Price-Inelastic than Commonly Thought. Energy Economics, 34(1), 201–207.
  • Havránek, T. and Iršová, Z. (2012): Survey Article: Publication Bias in the Literature on Foreign Direct Investment Spillovers. Journal of Development Studies, 48(10), 1375–1 396.
  • Horváth, R., Šmídková, K. and Zápal, J. (2012): Central Banks’ Voting Record and Future Policy. International Journal of Central Banking, 8(4), 1–19.
  • Horváth, R., Šmídková, K. and Zápal, J. (2012): Is the U.S. Fed Voting Record Informative about Future Monetary Policy? Czech Journal of Economics and Finance, 62(6), 478–484.
  • Janáček, K. and Komárek, L. (2012): Will US Dollar Continue As The World Most Important Reserve Currency? (in Czech). Politická ekonomie, 2012(1), 3–19.
  • Komárek, L., Motl, M., Novotný, F. and Prokop, L. (2012): German Economic “Locomotive” and the Czech Economy (in Czech). Politická ekonomie, 2012(4), 442–458.
  • Komárek, L. and Motl, M. (2012): Behavioural and Fundamental Equilibrium Exchange Rate of the Czech Koruna (in Czech). Politická ekonomie, 2012(2), 147–166.
  • Novotný, F. (2012): The Link Between the Brent Crude Oil Price and the US Dollar Exchange Rate. Prague Economic Papers, 2/2012, 220–232.
  • Ryšánek, J., Tonner, J., Tvrz, S. and Vašíček, O. (2012): Monetary Policy Implications of Financial Frictions in the Czech Republic. Czech Journal of Economics and Finance, 61(5), 413–429.
  • Schwarz, J. (2012): Impact of Institutions on Cross-Border Price Dispersion. Review of World Economics,148(4),617–645.
  • Vašíček, B. (2012): Is Monetary Policy in the New EU Member States Asymmetric? Economic Systems, 36(2), 235–263.