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The objective of the CNB’s economic research work is to provide outputs which help to expand the knowledge base needed for the core activities of the CNB and which are of a high standard on the international scale. The CNB's economic research is focused on four areas: monetary policy, macroeconomic modelling, financial stability, the real sector and fiscal policy. Each area is headed by an Economic Research Coordinator. Research papers are published in the CNB Working Papers, CNB Research and Policy Notes and CNB Research Bulletin series. The knowledge acquired through the coordination and implementation of economic research is used in drawing up opinions on the situation reports prepared for the Bank Board and in preparing internal reports and public minutes of monetary policy meetings, which are among the CNB’s main communication tools in the monetary policy area.


Selected Journal Publications by CNB Staff in 2015 and Forthcoming

  • Ambriško, R., Babecký, J., Ryšánek, J. and Valenta, V. (2015): Assessing the Impact of Fiscal Measures on the Czech Economy. Economic Modelling, 44(C), 350–357.
  • Angelini, P., Clerc, L., Cúrdia, V., Gambacorta, L., Gerali, A., Locarno, A., Motto, R., Roeger, W., Van den Heuvel, S. and Vlček, J. (2015): Basel III: Long-term Impact on Economic Performance and Fluctuations. Manchester School, 83(2), 217–251.
  • Audzei, V. and Brázdik, F. (2015): Monetary Policy and Exchange Rate Dynamics: The Exchange Rate as a Shock Absorber. Czech Journal of Economics and Finance, forthcoming.
  • Baxa, J., Plašil, M. and Vašíček, B. (2015): Changes in Inflation Dynamics under Inflation Targeting? Evidence for Central European Countries. Economic Modelling, 44(C), 116–130.
  • Beck, R., Jakubik, P. and Piloiu, A. (2015): Key Determinants of Non-performing Loans: New Evidence from a Global Sample, Open Economies Review, forthcoming.
  • Calice, G., Miao, R.H., Štěrba, F. and Vašíček, B. (2015) Short-term determinants of the idiosyncratic sovereign risk premium: A regime-dependent analysis for European credit default swaps. Journal of Empirical Finance, forthcoming.
  • De Haan, J., Hoeberichts, M.,, Šmídková, K., Vašíček, B., Vermeulen, R. and Žigraiová, D. (2015): Financial Stress Indices and Financial Crises. Open Economies Review, forthcoming.
  • Gersl, A., Jakubik, P., Kowalczyk, D., Ongena, S. and Peydro, J.L. (2015): Monetary Conditions and Banks' Behaviour in the Czech Republic. Open Economies Review, forthcoming.
  • Hausenblas, V., Kubicová, I. and Lešanovská, J. (2015): Contagion Risk in the Czech Financial System: A Network Analysis and Simulation Approach. Economic Systems, 39(1), 156–180.
  • Havranek, T, Horvath, R, Irsova, Z, and Rusnak, M.(2015): Cross-Country Heterogeneity in Intertemporal Substitution. Journal of International Economics, 96, 100–118.
  • Havránek, T., Horváth, R. and Valíčková, P. (2015): Financial Development and Economic Growth: A Meta-Analysis. Journal of Economic Surveys, forthcoming.
  • Havránek, T. and Kokeš, O. (2015): Income Elasticity of Gasoline Demand: A Meta-Analysis. Energy Economics, 47(C), 77–86.
    Havránek, T. (2015): Measuring Intertemporal Substitution: The Importance of Method Choices and Selective Reporting. Journal of the European Economic Association, forthcoming.
  • Jakubik, P. and Moinescu, B. (2015): Assessing Optimal Credit Growth for an Emerging Banking System. Economic Systems, forthcoming.
  • Jakubik, P. and Žigraiová, D. (2015): Systemic Event Prediction by Early Warning System: An Application to the Czech Republic. Economic Systems, forthcoming.
  • Skořepa, M. and Komárek, L. (2015): Sources of Asymmetric Shocks: The Exchange Rate or Other Culprits? Economic Systems, forthcoming.
  • Skořepa, M. and Seidler, J. (2015): Capital Buffers Based on Banks’ Domestic Systemic Importance: Selected Issues. Journal of Financial Economic Policy, forthcoming.

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