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Number of counterfeit banknotes dropped again last year

8 Mar 2019

A total of 1,011 counterfeit and altered Czech banknotes and coins were seized in the Czech Republic in 2018, a decrease of 307 compared to 2017. The value of the seized banknotes and coins was almost CZK 1.2 million. The CZK 1,000 banknote remains the most counterfeited denomination.

As in previous years, the majority of the counterfeit banknotes seized in 2018 were printed on inkjet printers – 895 banknotes, i.e. more than 90% of all seized koruna banknotes. Only 81 seized counterfeit notes were made using colour toner copiers. On a five-point security scale, the seized banknotes were most frequently given a grade of 4, i.e. poor quality. Protective elements are usually not imitated on such counterfeits, or the imitations are only simple.

“The number of counterfeits seized in the Czech Republic is falling every year, but there is still a risk of false money ending up in the hands of some of us. We should therefore continue to pay enough attention to money – especially banknotes – when making cash transactions,” said Board Member Vojtěch Benda.

Counterfeit and altered banknotes and coins seized in 2018 in the Czech Republic

in circulation by the police Total
Counterfeit banknotes CZK 891 93 984
Counterfeit banknotes EUR 660 112 772
Counterfeit banknotes USD 224 0 224
Counterfeit banknotes other 48 0 48
Counterfeit coins CZK 8 0 8
Counterfeit coins other 48 0 48
Altered banknotes and coins CZK 19 0 19
Altered banknotes and coins other 8 0 8
Total 1,906 205 2,111

There is around one counterfeit per 10,000 inhabitants in the Czech Republic. Most counterfeits of Czech banknotes were seized in Prague (447), followed by Jihlava (92) and Brno (64).

Including foreign currencies, the number of counterfeits seized last year was 2,111, i.e. 739 less than in 2017. This is the fourth annual decline in a row. A total of 1,100 counterfeit and altered foreign banknotes and coins were seized in the Czech Republic in 2018, a decrease of 432 compared to the previous year. Their value converted according to the exchange rate list as of 31 December 2018 was almost CZK 1.9 million.

The CNB offers instructions on how to check the protective elements of Czech banknotes in the Czech Money app, in interactive educational games, on its website and in information leaflets, for example.

Markéta Fišerová
Director of the Communications Division and CNB Spokesperson