Česká národní banka

The CNB’s new website goes live

19 Nov 2007

On Monday, 19 November, the Czech National Bank’s redesigned website goes live at www.cnb.cz. The aim of the redesign was to create a new, clearer structure for the CNB’s very extensive website and to liven up the site’s rather conservative look.

A “Main menu” providing information on the CNB’s core activities is located in the upper left-hand corner of the new site. Click on any item of the Main menu to expand it and open an introductory page giving information on the section’s content and providing a number of direct links to the most frequent searches in the relevant area.

An innovation on the home page is the “Public” menu in the lower left-hand corner, giving contacts as well as information on the CNB’s publications, exhibition, library and archive. Exchange rates of the koruna against the euro and the US dollar – located in the upper right-hand corner of the home page – are another new feature. Also new is an interactive calendar; click on a particular date to reveal information on data releases and on the activities of the CNB and its representatives scheduled for that day.

The “Public”, “Media” and “Specialists” windows, which contain direct links to the information most frequently sought by specific target groups, have been changed into bookmarks situated in the central upper part of the home page. The service menu (in the upper right-hand corner) includes a glossary of specialised terms.

The revamped CNB website was designed by ET NETERA, which won a tender organised by the CNB. The CNB website is updated using the Miranda 2 system supplied by Qbizm.

Pavlína Bolfová, CNB spokesperson