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Publication of quarterly financial accounts statistics for 2007 Q1 and Q2

17 Oct 2007

The Czech National Bank is publishing quarterly financial accounts statistics for the first time. These are new statistics created by the CNB which provide a comprehensive picture of the financial assets and liabilities of all economic sectors, including their external relations. Given the broad scope of these statistics, which draw on CZSO statistics and statistical estimates in addition to the CNB's own statistical resources, they are being developed step by step. The currently published data are stock data for 2007 Q1 and Q2. Statistics on transactions will follow in the next phase. The CNB is of the opinion that the publication of stock data from the quarterly financial accounts will provide a number of new statistics hitherto unpublished in the Czech Republic which may be of interest to analysts and the general public. The data will be released on a quarterly basis, 110 days after the end of the reference quarter. A commentary on the data will be published 120 days after the end of the reference quarter.