Česká národní banka

Statistics on factoring and forfaiting companies released in the ARAD system

15 Jun 2007

On 15 June 2007 the Czech National Bank released new statistics on factoring and forfaiting companies in the Czech Republic. These companies, which are engaged in continuous purchase of receivables before their maturity, are an important part of other financial intermediaries sector and together with statistics on financial leasing companies and statistics on other lending companies give a comprehensive overview of financial intermediation outside the banking sector in the Czech Republic. The statistics are published on the CNB website in the time series system ARAD in the Money and banking statistics >> Monetary statistics >> Statistics on other financial intermediaries >> Financial corporation engaged in lending section. Published is the aggregated balance sheet of the institutions and a more detailed breakdown (by maturity and counterpart sector) of the provided loans. The statistics will be released on a quarterly basis always by the 75th day following the end of the quarter.