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Turnovers on the money market in the week of 16-20 April 2007

11 May 2007

In the week of 16 - 20 April 2007 a regular survey was conducted on the daily average turnovers on the money market. This survey is carried out by the Czech National Bank regularly twice a year with participation of all relevant banks dealing on the Czech money market.

As compared with October 2006 figures the daily average turnover slightly decreased (from CZK 64.1 bln. to CZK 59.7 bln.). The most significant change in comparison with the last survey was a one-third decrease in the volume of the deposit operations with residents with the maturity up to three months. On the contrary, there was seen a one-quarter increase in the volume of the deposit operations with non-residents. The volumes of the deposit trades with the maturity longer than three months and also the repo trades showed high relative changes as compared with the last survey but they are regarded as insignificant due to their small absolute volume.

The most significant on the money market are still deposit operations with the maturity up to 3 months comprising 98 % share of the total turnover. Other instruments are traded rarely.