Česká národní banka

Mailing address

(Please send all correspondence to this address)

Na Příkopě 28
115 03 Praha 1
tel.: +420 224 411 111
fax: +420 224 412 404


IČO 48136450

Green line

tel.: +420 800 160 170

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Regional offices located outside Prague

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The Czech National Bank assumes that submissions will be dealt with usually within 30 days of receipt unless the law provides otherwise. The CNB does not deal with anonymous submissions, repeated submissions and other non-standard submissions, e.g. those which have incomprehensible or confused content, contain vulgar expressions or are sent for information only.

Form for submitting enquiries, suggestions, complaints or notifications

Enquiries concerning the responsibilities of the Czech National Bank can be sent in electronically using this form. The form can also be used for submissions pointing out possible non-compliance with duties in the provision of financial market services by entities supervised by the Czech National Bank (in particular banks, credit unions, other payment service providers, insurance companies, investment forms, management companies and investment funds, pension management companies, insurance and investment intermediaries and bureaux de change). The form is not intended for enquiries regarding the interpretation and application of legal rules on the financial market.

Form for submitting specialised regulatory enquiries

Enquiries regarding the interpretation of unclear legal provisions regulating the financial market or that are significant for the performance of activities subject to supervision by the Czech National Bank can be sent in electronically using this form.