Česká národní banka


The CNB is the central bank of the Czech Republic
and the supervisor of the Czech financial market.

As an independent institution, the Czech National Bank maintains price stability, supervises the financial system and supports its balanced development, and ensures smooth circulation of money and smooth payments.


Declared FX rates

Cur. Unit 15.06.2018
eur EUR 25.710 CZK
usd USD 22.171 CZK
gbp GBP 29.443 CZK

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Key rates

2W Repo Rate: 0.75%
Discount Rate: 0.05%
Lombard Rate: 1.50%
Reserve Requirement: 2.00%

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May  2018: 2.2%

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CNB current forecast

Annual consumer price inflation:
2019, Q2 1.7%
2019, Q3 1.8%

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Did you know...

that the rear part of the CNB building once housed the Commodity Exchange and used to be the headquarters of Czech Television? The CNB purchased the building in 1994.

V. Benda: I’m inclined toward faster rate increases

V. Benda: I’m inclined toward faster rate increases

Weaker-than-expected koruna should prompt a debate on raising interest rates as soon as this month, board member Vojtech Benda said in an interview.
Czech economy ready for another hike

Czech economy ready for another hike

The Czech economy is ready for another interest rate hike as soon as this month as the labour and housing markets start to overheat, ratesetter Tomas Nidetzky said.
Koruna exchange rate close to equilibrium

Koruna exchange rate close to equilibrium

The exchange rate is one of the most closely watched economic variables. We all know its nominal version. But what is the real exchange rate? How does it reflect a country getting wealthier and why do macroeconomists try to calculate its equilibrium level? Watch our new vlogCNB with Luboš Komárek.
(video with English subtitles)
Currency exchange - ten golden rules

Currency exchange - ten golden rules

Things to know before exchanging money in the Czech Republic.

14 Jun 2018

Change in the Communications Division’s management

The current Director of the Communications Division of the CNB General Secretariat, Marek Zeman, has decided to leave his post on 13 June 2018 after almost three years at the central bank.

15 Jun 2018

Basic indicators of the financial market sectors

insurance companies , management companies, investment funds, pension management companies, funds operated by pension management companies
For technical reasons, data for banks, credit unions and investment firms will be published next week. We will announce the publication of the data.

15 Jun 2018

Statistics on investment funds

as of 30 April 2018
commentary and data series

14 Jun 2018

Monetary base of the central bank

as of 31 May 2018

14 Jun 2018

Announcement of the Czech National Bank: The auction of the government bonds of the Czech Republic

18th tranche of the 89th issue – results
10th tranche of the 90th issue – results
5th tranche of the 105th issue – results

13 Jun 2018

CNB balance sheet

as of 10 June 2018

13 Jun 2018

Basic items of the balance of payments

April 2018
commentary and table