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How to round after the withdrawal of 50-heller coins

This issue is addressed by Act No. 634/1992 Coll. on consumer protection. It stipulates in Article 3(c) that in the final billing of goods being sold and services being provided in cash, the total sum should always be rounded to the nearest valid nominal value of legal tender in circulation. This applies to cash payments. The text of the legal regulation can be found on the Collection of Laws website.

There is no change in the area of non-cash payments, and the withdrawal of 50-heller coins has no effect on non-cash payments and the calculation of taxes and issuance of tax receipts. For information, reference can be made to the previously issued guideline of the Ministry of Finance No. D - 253 relating to the application of value added tax after the withdrawal of 10-heller and 20-heller coins.

50-heller coins are exchangeable in accordance with Act No. 136/2011 Coll. on circulation of banknotes and coins for free at Czech National Bank branches until 31 August 2014 if submitted sorted by denomination.

The Czech National Bank is entitled to charge a fee for work relating to the sorting of banknotes if 50-heller coins are submitted together with other denominations.