Česká národní banka

100 CZK

100 CZK – face side
100 CZK – reverse side


Valid versions

1997 version

  • in circulation since 15 October 1997, printed by State Printing Office in Prague
  • banknote is 140 mm long and 69 mm wide with tolerance ±1.5 mm; coupon is 36 mm wide

face side

  • printing techniques: portrait, texts, blind code, denomination on coupon – intaglio printing; rest – offset printing

reverse side

  • printing techniques: numbering – letterpress printing; rest – offset printing

1995 version

  • in circulation since 21 June 1995, printed by State Printing Office in Prague
  • same motif, parameters, colours and design; differs in front-to-back register, year of issuance and size of graphic symbol
  • for differences in protective elements see protective elements

Invalid version

1993 version

  • in circulation from 30 June 1993 until 31 January 2007. Exchangeable from 1 February 2010 until further notice only at CNB branches
  • printed by Thomas De La Rue, England – same motif, parameters and design; differs in front-to-back register and year of issuance and lacks graphic symbol; small differences in colours